jTech is a Web Development Firm Creating High Performance and Scalable Web Software.

Delivering quality Internet software for over 16 years

Whether you need an entire site built, a reporting system, or an advanced JavaScript widget banner, we've built it all.

Responsive Websites

Google analytics are starting to show that up to 50% of site visits are by users on mobile devices. So having a mobile-friendly website is becoming very important.

Modern Technologies

Many firms just re-use old code for new projects. We DO NOT live in the past, web technologies are evolving fast. We make sure to utilize the latest proven, fast and scalable technologies including Golang, ArangoDB, NodeJS & MongoDB.

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Some words about us

We’re a Proven Web Development Firm. Delivering high performance and scalable front-end and back-end Internet Software for more than 16 years.

What we do?

jTech develops and implements custom applications for the Web or company Intranet. Our custom development services include database architecture, high performance front-end JavaScript solutions with extremely fast scalable back-end software using proven technologies like Nodejs and Java. Whether you need an entire site built, a reporting system, or an advanced JavaScript widget banner, we've built it all.

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Our awesome features

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Web Design is the design approach aimed at making the website respond to the viewer's device for the best user experience.

  • Fast/Scalable Modern Technologies

    We use proven fast technologies like MongoDB, Nodejs, AngularJS with servers up in the cloud to ensure 99.999% uptime with quick scalability.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

    Over the years we've been able to optimized Wordpress using cache/cdn technologies to ensure your blog/site runs fast and can handle any traffic you throw at it.

  • Advanced Reporting Systems

    We've built many custom reporting systems over the years for our clients. We make sure the reports run fast, the tables scale perfectly in the browser, sorting works perfectly with exporting to Excel, and they are phone/tablet friendly.

  • Widgets

    If you need advanced banners to showcase your products/services, you've come to the right spot. You'll get much better conversions with advanced banners that visitors can interact with, and even signup right there from a 3rd party webpage. We are masters of Advanced JavaScript Banners.

  • Customer Support

    Our Clients love us. We are a U.S. based firm and respond to emails or Skype very quickly. Our clients are everything to us, so you will not get any nasty attitude coming from us :)

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